Dear Beautiful-Yet-Stressed-Out-And-May-Not-Recognize-Yourself-In-The-Mirror-Women,


My mission is to create moments of relief and nurturing nourishment for busy, health-conscious women who do it all for everyone else.

I remind you that YOU matter!

Through the use of functional beauty products, available nurturing retreats, transformational group & personal sessions, Holistic Beauty workshop teachings, and inspirational writings, you are empowered to your greatest radiance.

By providing mini retreats (whether for 60 minutes, a half day or full day), women receive nurturing away from their busy schedules and constant demands from their family, work or even from themselves.  Women are immersed in needed tlc (tender, loving, care) and receive essential self-care, so that when they return  to their regular hectic lifestyle, they now feel empowered, renewed, refreshed and more equipped to handle their busy life with more efficiency, clarity, stress-free ease and productivity.

I provide a retreat from the everyday.

Because if you don’t start making time to care for you, then who will?

My name is Ayisha Nefertiti, your “Transformation Coach”. As a client, your well-being matters to me as I hope your well-being matters even more to you.

I have an Appreciation Message waiting for you.


you can start your essential self-care journey with me by receiving your complimentary “Holistic Beauty Guide” by clicking here.



~Ayisha Nefertiti, Founder of Luxoria Inc.