Luxoria skincare products are currently only available to VIP clients as well as all participants at the in-person retreats.


Luxoria skincare products fall into a category of it’s own called “Functional Beauty Care” where we utilize “bio-technology” for the most effective ingredients to do good to your skin and for your body.  The products are ultra-rich, ultra-luxe and ultra-nurturing to your skin.


“Functional beauty care products” truly nourish your skin and are good for your body too.  Most skin care products are made of synthetic chemicals and fillers that may disrupt your hormonal system or add unnecessary toxins into your body… Nobody is perfect and I follow an 80/20 rule. I like to wear makeup on special occasions especially lip gloss, so it’s highly beneficial for me to have my skin care products providing my skin with needed skin nutrients. “Functional Beauty Care” is a new category and standard of beauty in the skin care realm and world.  Do you want to plump your skin temporarily or feed it the “life force” from plants and achieve a real radiant glow where people constantly ask you what you are doing with your skin? Which is what my customers have experienced!


The two main products sold through Luxoria are “Coco Love Body Creme-Oil” as well as the “Illumined Skin Serum” which are made from pure, plant-products.


On the other hand, the face creme and moisturizers are hand-crafted with plant-based ingredients with less then 0.5% preservative that is Eco-certified.  The mixture of oil and water creates the perfect playground for bacteria to thrive in. This is the reason for a preservative; to stop harmful bacterial growth.  I’ve been in the public health field for 10 years and am very aware of how bacteria thrive. A low dosage of preservative to prevent bacterial growth is the intention for use of a preservative in the creme and moisturizer formulas. Do not be fooled by other companies claiming “preservative-free” or “natural ingredients”, then with a quick review of other companies’ skincare ingredient list you may notice various ingredients including:


*”extract” ~ when in truth extracts are usually made with alcohol or other unnatural ingredients

*”Parfume”  or “fragrance” ~ when in truth “parfume” or “fragrance” may contain up to hundreds or more unnatural ingredients (and when you think about it, you cannot find “parfume” or “fragrance” naturally in nature)


A great source for more in depth details and to review the collective ingredients in your skincare products is

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