It’s time for your shift in PERSPECTIVE!


A client of mine said the following about a Transformational Energy Session with me:

“What do you do when you’re in a funk, out of sync and things just aren’t lining up? I’d like to share something that I do occasionally, and that’s get Reiki. ‪#‎Reiki‬ is a ancient Japanese art that restores emotional and mental well being. If you’ve never had it, its awesome! I had a session the other day with my very good friend from ‪#‎awesomenessfest‬, Ayisha Nefertiti, and it was sooooooo good! It was very relaxing, and it put me right back into flow! The next 6 days I had multiple synchronicities and the experience of things just lining up and falling into my lap. I want to recommend that you reach out to my friend Ayisha if you are looking to get yourself back on track, or experience a big leap in your life!” ~ MS, Business Owner & Author, Toronto, Canada


First question, how can I help you love you more?


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Too often you may look at yourself and see everything is wrong.   You may often compare others as perfect where you are incorrect/imperfect.  You may wonder why everyone else has an incredible life while chaos continues to ensue in your own life. What’s interesting is that same person you view as perfect actually are likely looking at you as perfect and everything is wrong in their life.


Let me tell you something.  There’s no such thing as imperfection.  You are perfectly perfect.


Truly, your life might be better than you think.  If you stopped for a moment and started looking at where you are at, then you would see that your life is actually better than you’ve perceived it prior… let’s check quickly…


… Do you have a place to live? Even if it’s not the “perfect” place you want, do you have a place to live? Yes? Ok good, breathe in, breathe out & be thankful.


… Do you have the ability to receive food to eat in some way? Whether you can buy food, get it from your family or receive food to eat in some way? Yes? Ok, good, breathe in, breathe out & be thankful.


I could go on; however, I think you get the point.  Hopefully you feel a little bit calmer all by you seeing and appreciating what you currently have. I know life isn’t free of problems, though true success in life is about the way you perceive/look at life.


I wish to help you have more relief in life.  I wish to help you be more appreciative in life.  Interestingly, the more positive, grateful, appreciative you view life, then the more appreciation and blessings can come to you… That is the law of attraction ;-)  I want to help you have a SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE and I can help you with that shift through my Transformational Coaching Sessions.  When you clear and feel your energy at a more higher, positive energy level in your mind and body, then you usually feel much happier and can enjoy life much better. You are able to feel a greater sense of satisfaction in EVERY area of your life.


It’s time for your shift in perspective!


You might be wondering… “Well, how did I become so fixated on the wrong in my life? Why is my perspective towards lack and looking downward?”


You are right!


We were all a baby at one point in time, right!?! Children are often joyous beings bouncing around with happiness.  Then you grow up. In the North American society imperfection is projected onto you such as certain foods are bad, the Sun is bad, your body needs to look like this, your thinking is wrong, etc. Your focus is drawn OUTSIDE of yourself and you’re convinced that you constantly need to fix yourself.  That is a lot of energy, time and focus spent on constantly seeing all of your so called imperfections.  Now, imagine years spent focusing on your wrongs and trying to fix that.  You just don’t have enough time and energy trying to fix all of your wrongs.


That’s where I come in because I want to help you peel off these layers created by a distorted perception.  I want to help you because my focus of perspective is on positive, feel good “Energy Balancing” that can positively clear the energy in your body.  I want to help you and teach you how to fill up on this positive energy, so that your energy is much more attractive.


Positive energy is quite attractive.


Think about those days when you’re in a bad mood, when everything goes wrong, this is the Law of Attraction in action.  The Law of Attraction is attracted to your energy and the way you feel inside about yourself.


Think about those days when you have just gotten your hair done, you love the way your hair feels and looks, you’ve got a brand new great outfit and you just feel oh so sexy and AMAZING! Think back to those days… I bet your day went splendid and flowed perfectly smooth.  Again, it is the Law of Attraction in action.  The Law of Attraction is attracted to your energy.


I want to help you be THIS attractive.

I want to help clear your energy and chakras.

I want to help SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE from looking at yourself as “wrong” or “broken” in certain areas of your life to what is “all right” in your life. With that “right” perspective your energy becomes more positively attractive because remember, the Law of Attraction is attracted to your energy. Let’s just energetically balance the layers blocking your perspective.


If you’re ready to finally know, feel and believe that you deserve to open up and receive more and more positive-feel-good, then I invite you to a session.  See options below.


Firstly, you + me can spend 15 minutes with each other over the phone to ensure that I am the right fit for you and you are the right fit for me.  I am happy to work with you as long as you are open to receive.  Send me an email if you still have questions:




If you already know that you want to work with me, then I am so happy, grateful and honoured to be a part in your success!


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