The mission is to offer moments of relief and nurturing nourishment for busy, health-conscious women who do it all for everyone else.  These retreats and workshops were created to remind you that YOU matter.  To remind you that your well-being is a priority.

My events, workshops and retreats are for you if you…

… Want to find a way to stop the regular feeling of overwhelm

… Don’t know how to take care of yourself

… Are curious how Holistic Anti-aging can benefit you

… Excited to learn a skincare technique that helps you have uber soft skin

… Would like to receive a “Beauty Bag” of my personally hand-made, natural skincare products that fall into the category of “Functional Beauty Care Products”, which help you have a radiant glow and is beneficial to your body

… Wanting a powerful in-person experience of Transformational Energy Balancing session with me

… Ready to receive a 20 minute daily routine helping you feel centered, clear and nourished


All in-person retreats and workshops are conveniently located in downtown Toronto


Past Retreats…